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NO PAIN AND LOTS OF GAIN: The alternative way to make a difference.

Throughout the past year the rowing community throughout the world have ergoed great distances to great effect supporting great causes. Lots of effort expended not only in the actual physical activity but also in the cajoling for contributions to a wide variety of donation pages. It has been an amazing effort.

There is, however, a much easier way, one that I am not sure ANY member of the global rowing community has spent even a second considering, but if they did, it would have a massive impact for the sport.

It is a way that does not involve either pain, a tracking app, any co-ordination of club or school, emotive appeals and asking for money, but comes with potential to have a massive global impact.

One Sporting World

Utilising hundreds of athletes across the globe, One Sporting World is a free of cost, risk and workload opportunity for corporates and philanthropists fundraising for their chosen good causes to multiply these amounts through athlete hosted experience days.

In the UK, Athlete VIP Experience Days have already seen participants pay the entry fees and good causes receive £505K in donations. OSW puts this model on a global scale with elite rowers on three continents.

OSW simply gets an anticipated figure from corporates likely fundraising for its chosen good cause, and then works directly with the charity to attempt to multiply this through places on these Athlete Experience days. If it does not work, the charity still will receive 100% of the corporates own internal fundraising. None of the corporate money ever goes to OSW.

So Instead of once more onto the Erg.

All any rower needs to do is bring to the attention of your or family members CSR / Charity team and get them to spend five minutes to discuss with OSW the charity we can help.

If you do, and the employers get involved, then we will invite you to a special VIP day hosted by Rowers from your national team to say thank you – rowing on water in a quad with an Olympic Rower, rather than looking at them on Zoom.

For further details contact One Sporting World on +44 7866 316 228.

For examples of this fundraising working in the UK visit

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