One of our gold medal winning Slalom Canoeists ETIENNE STOTT or JOE CLARKE will be your host for this unique event. This is the awesome thrill seeking opportunity to go white water rafting down the Olympic Course at Lee Valley; the scene of the 2012 medal rush for the GB Canoeists.

In May 2022; a group of GB Canoeists and Raft Guides are going to set a course record for your raft to attempt to beat on the day.

The day starts with an insight from one of the GB Athletes on their medal success, you also get to pose for photos that are printed and signed for a unique souvenir. Then we had you over to your guides. After safety briefing and swimming practice; throughout the afternoon you will have another 80 minutes of exhilarating rafting fun.

You will go through a variety of runs on the course, including three fast runs, one timed for possible medal glory. Other runs involve other aspects of rafting on rapid waters, leaving you with an experience that provides a great work out.

Your sprint to glory and Sporting Rewards:

  • Your raft is competing against the others for the sessions podium .

  • IF FUNDRAISING You are also aiming to beat the 'course record' time set by the GB Raft.

  • ​You can help your task by accruing time bonuses through your fundraising.

  • Generate your name on the Rafting Hall of Fame as well as the event podium.

Wherever you finish, you get a souvenir signed an actual GB gold medallist and a photo signed by the athlete capturing that once in a lifetime moment.


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  • Friday 13th May 2022            Lee Valley Water Sports Centre

  • Sunday 19th June 2022        Lee Valley Water Sports Centre

  • September 2022 TBC

How to gain Sporting Rewards: And give yourself a chance to Beat the Medallist:

Your raft gets bonuses of 0.25 seconds for the following:


Each individual member of the raft (eight of you), will contribute to this total.​

1) Buy Now Auction of UK wide sporting experiences and memorabilia:

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This is proving to be an ideal afternoon for team building and adrenaline junkies alike, you also get to meet an Olympic champion. You will be joined on one of your runs down the course by the GB Athlete.  All winners must be confident swimmers, over 14 years of age and under 18 stone.  Additional guests are welcome to watch.

For a glimpse of what is in store visit https://vimeo.com/175548381 or visit the Legacy 300 Facebook Page


Lee Valley Water Sports Centre


  • The chance to ride the rapids at the London 2012 venue, meet and beat a GB Medallist.

  • The more you fundraise for your chosen good cause the greater the opportunity to beat the GB Cyclist.

  • Entry fees discounted to FREE for those who fundraise successfully with Legacy 300.

  • Each day come with an Athlete Q and A and photo session alongside the famous course.