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The Beat The Medallist Revolution

Updated: Jan 7

Unique Athlete Experiences providing a double whammy at auction

As Auction items, at no risk, no cost to good causes, Legacy 300 Athlete Experiences have generated £612K in donations to good causes, this year, winning bidders are taking on the Beat The Medallist challenge and setting up donation pages for their personal network to help them in their quest – the money they raise gives them time bonuses.

Medallists Assemble: Henley on Thames September 2022

The following examples are the first such instances these were bought at auction first providing initial donations to you of between 65% and 150% over the entry fee (also paid for by the participants).

Glover / Gurling: November 2023: £2,060

Libby Harley: March 2023: £500

By using the GB Athletes Crowdfunder platform she also got her entry fee refunded.

Whitney: Rowing September 2022 £665

Wainwright: Cycling September 2022 £258

West: Rowing September 2022 £417

Greater publicity of this from the charity sector plus as we get better at this end of ensuring that the full scale of the unique challenge is presented to future donors, can only serve to increase the numbers of people taking the challenge.


  • Winning bidder(s) make their donation and pay for their entry.

  • Friends, family and professional network are encouraged to make donations through direct pages to the charity.

  • No cost to good causes, no further cost to participants.

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