This unique challenge pits your boat against the attending GB Rowers who will be laying down a target time over 250 metres but don't worry your boat of three will have one of the GB Rowers to help you beat the time on your two timed sprints.

Meet at a boat club in Henley where you will be welcomed by the GB  Rowers who through the entertaining Q and A, will debrief the Tokyo Regatta and give you an insight what it takes to reach the highest levels in the sport of rowing.

You will then be introduced to life as an elite rower. If required, initial coaching will be done on the rowing machines where advice on techniques will be given. Then to the boat shed where the boat familiarisation will take place.



After the Q and A the rowers will take to the water and do a 250 metre timed sprint.


Your sprint to glory and Sporting Rewards:

  • Your boat of three is testing itself against the  other crews in a Hall of Fame. 

  • Generate your name on the Legacy 300 Rowing Hall of Fame as well as individual prizes.

  • IF FUNDRAISING You are aiming to beat the time set by the GB Medallist.

  • ​You can help your task by accruing time bonuses through your fundraising.

Quadruple sculls will take to the water complete with a GB Rower in each boat and each boat crew will have a short RELAXING training session on the water followed by trips on the famous stretch of water including two timed sprints, each with a different GB Rower. Of course if you lose you can blame them.


Throughout the experience the chance to talk all things Olympic with the athletes and if already a keen rower drain them for tips and advice. Additional guests are welcome to watch proceedings throughout the day and to attend the Q and A and photo session with the rowers.

How to gain Sporting Rewards: And give yourself a chance of beating the GB Rowers

You get bonuses of 0.25 seconds for the following:

1) Buy Now Auction of UK wide sporting experiences and memorabilia:

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2) Just Giving type page for direct donations to your chosen good cause

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  • 12th September 2021

  • 26th September 2021

  • Spring 2022


  • You can buy individual places or boats of three, you can fundraise for your own boat club / school or good cause.

  • All experiences are delivered on a chosen SUNDAY.

  • Available to age 13 years or over.

  • You only need to bring a change of clothes.


Henley on Thames


  • The chance to row alongside a GB Rower at the home of rowing and beat their sprint time.

  • The more you fundraise for your chosen good cause the greater the opportunity to beat the GB Rowers.

  • Entry fees can be discounted to FREE for those who fundraise successfully with Legacy 300.

  • Each day come with an Athlete Q and A and photo session alongside the famous stretch of water.