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  • Athlete project launches innovative way for sporting fundraisers to maximise donations.

  • Provides rewards for donors, participants and helps add to the £550K raised by GB Athletes for good causes.

Last week the GB Athlete hosted VIP days with the UNIQUE Beat The Medallist challenge hit the £550K milestone raised for good causes.

Later this April a host of GB Athletes will be promoting the £1m Push to Paris and I hope that by reading through you can see how £5+ donations will have a massive impact for good causes as 10 years of sporting days have proven. (Though for some reason the £ signs are missing from the text I am sure you will get the gist.)

The Crowdfunder has also generated a lightbulb moment when it comes to engaging our participants in the fundraising which gives them the time off bonuses needed for a chance to…Beat the Medallist. Utilising the Crowdfunder enables participants to maximise the impact of small donations for your chosen good cause, reward your supporters, benefit you and also the Athlete led project that has also raised £550K for good causes.

The Crowdfunding plan is to provide charities free entries so they receive BOTH entry fee and donations, which means a £5+ donation in your name lets the charity generate a much bigger return than a regular donation minus charges made by Just Giving, the donors also get free entries into a Prize Draw to win days with GB sports stars.

As it generates revenue for our project, we are also able to discount participants entry fees by £1 for every £3 raised they can of course choose to donate that place to their chosen good cause if they wish.

Free Athletes places give the opportunity for your chosen good causes to leverage from auctions, challenge listings or as we have learnt this week, they also represent a great way of leveraging donations from corporate and individual donors. Whatever route, these athlete places will generate more than a Just Giving Page or even a gift aided donation.

So next time you do a sponsored ride, run, row, erg or hike, be bold and creative, the GB Cyclists and other Athletes are a great vehicle to support YOUR chosen good cause, and we have demonstrated over the last 11 years that these Athlete Experience days generate great returns.

Or if you are not doing a challenge please support the Athletes £1m Push to Paris, we will make your £5+ donations go a long way.

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