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A remarkable Olympian we work with at Legacy 300 is slalom canoeist Tim Baillie. Along with partner Etienne Stott, Baillie won a gold medal in the canoe slalom at London 2012.


The Aberdeen-born canoeist studied mechanical engineering at the University of Nottingham graduating in 2000.


Tim has had a great deal of experience competing in the K1 category which he started in the mid-1990s before settling on the C2 category (two canoeists in one boat). Tim and Etienne have a long list of achievements competing together: two bronze medals in the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in both 2009 and 2011, silver and bronze at European Championships in 2009 and the pair are British Premier Division and British Open Champions.


The C2 Category


As Tim explained in a recent interview, his category is an interesting one. 


‘Sitting in the front you can see everything and comparatively in the back the sensation of what the boat is doing is a bit muted…. You can’t operate at the same technical level as you can in an individual class but on the other hand there is an awful lot of momentum with the boat weighting 180kg in total.’ 


Training regime in the run up to London 2012


‘It really varies week to week but on average we have 12 sessions a week; 9 paddling on white water and 3 sessions in the gym lifting weights. The Lee Valley course where we are holding the Legacy 300 day is burly big white water course and demanding. We found that paddling a two-man canoe down this course 9 times a week was sufficient enough for the upper body.’


Favorite Post Training Treat


‘I have had a good few peanut butter sandwiches over the years but it’s always nice to have a beer and a bowl of chips at the end of the training session.’

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