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Inspiring fundraising and fun competition for your supporters.

Every year since 2013, mainly through Auctions we get charity representatives fundraising for good causes at no cost, or risk to you. So to freshen up the act we wish to nuance your #Team community into competition, where fundraising gives participants the best possible chance of success in the team competitions.

To that end all Legacy 300 events in the Autumn of 2023 will form the competitions for The Hashtag Team Games and we will continue to work with our Auction partners and directly with charities to use Auctions as the main vehicle to drive participation.

We will continue to encourage winning bidders to engage their own network to help enhance the donations to you in their quest to not only Beat The Medallist but also win the #Team competition

No commitment, no cost, no risk as detailed on 

Its whether fundraising departments want to spend a few minutes cutting and pasting the experiences into Auction platforms or adapting the usual “If you are running the marathon we would love it if you fundraise for us…” message into reflecting the following sports encouraging supporters to gather together create their own team


  • Two Cyclists

  • Three Rowers

  • Eight Rafters

  • Ten Footballers

  • Ten Cricketers.


Most of this can be done at a fixed price auction, or for the bigger charities as auction items as a series of events. There is the option to recruit through challenge events and communications to supporters.

If you want to get involved, let me know. I am on 07866 316 228.

By the way this concept is patented and subject to legal IP protection so can only be used in Legacy 300 events.


David Cotton:

Mobile     07866 316 228


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