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Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin


At Legacy 300 we are lucky enough to work with two elite beach volleyball players: Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin who competed together in the London 2012 Olympics.


Early Careers


Dampney is a Devon-born athlete who started her career as an indoor player whilst still at school. At the age of 16 Dampney made her first appearance for the British senior team in indoor volleyball.


In 2009 having graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in law, Dampney made her debut on the Féderation International de Volleyball tour (the international governing body for volleyball) being part of the first British team to compete in the tour for  decade.


Shauna Mullin was born in South Africa and experienced a range of countries whilst growing up, discovering volleyball whilst living in Malaysia. She has completed two masters, one at Heriot Watt in Edinburgh and the second at the University of Bath.


Shauna started her career on the Scottish national team in 2003 and progressed to join the British beach volleyball program in 2006.


Career Highlights


In one of our exclusive athlete interviews Zara mentioned the World Championship in 2011 as a particular highlight. ‘The World Championships in 2011 which was really important in terms of qualification for the Olympics in London 2012. Shauna and I played really well during that World Championships and everything just came together.’


Sporting Inspiration


Zara told Legacy 300 in an earlier #Team300 interview this year ‘Within my sport, I love an Italian player called Martha Menegatti. She is very young and athletic but also has a feisty style. We came up against her frequently and had some really great battles!’


London 2012


Zara and Shauna completed in London 2012 and just missed out in making it through to the final 16 after being knocked out by a strong team from Australia.

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