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Legacy 300 News:

Scheme launched to enable communities to support Athletes and Athletes to support communities. 

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With the clock ticking towards Tokyo 2020 once again the media focus on the efforts of GB Athletes across many sports just to get to the competition.

It also brings into the spotlight, the innovative and free of charge  scheme created by GB Olympians to enable communities across the nation to support the GB Athletes and for the GB Athletes to support communities.

Over the last five years, a host of GB Olympians have delivered unique VIP experience days which enable participants to play sport alongside and meet GB medallists. These days having raised over £445K net for good causes as they leverage places on these days, mainly through auctions. The participating athletes receive direct funding for their hosting of such days.

It is however, the successful impact of the direct retailing of these days that has helped launch an Ambassador scheme designed to generate funds for both the GB Athletes and participating community groups.

Each participating group has the task of utilising social media and other forms of communication to encourage purchasers of places on a wide range of experience days, each group promoting a code that generates money for them on purchase.

Milton Keynes and University of Bristol Boat Clubs have been the first two to engage their communities to generate support for the athletes, and enable the athletes to generate funds for their club.

Legacy 300, the organisers of the Ambassador programme, particular highlight how the family network of student sports clubs has immense potential.

"Each university sports club have members drawn from all over the UK, with family members using their own social media contacts to very quickly promote the opportunity to support the GB Athletes and the university sports club."

With the scheme costing clubs nothing to operate and a whole host of elite GB sports men and women involved in the project, it is hoped that clubs across the UK will take the few minutes required to seize the opportunity.

Full details of the programme can be found on


20th September 2018

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