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After six years of fundraising generating £445K net for good causes, Legacy 300's 2019 programme of exclusive VIP experiences is to feature three unique Pro Am championships hosted by GB Olympic champions.

Starting with a sprint track cycling championship in March, and culminating in rowing and white water rafting races in May 2019, Legacy 300 are inviting charities to promote these events as they look to reach the £500K target by Christmas.

Legacy 300 was set up in 2012, to enable sports lovers to support good causes and the participating athletes. Each event involves an individual entry fee, which have always been bought via charity by the participants on top of their combined net donations of £454k.

Each entry fee then delivers the components for the participants, the events are small so to maximise the time each participant spends with the VIP host.

To enable a level financial playing field, the three marquee events are fixed price with a 100% up front mark up to the good cause being supported by the participant.


Those looking to support charities, not promoting places, are encouraged to contact the respective fundraising departments and buy the places anyway.

Legacy 300 explained one of the inspirations behind this.

" We do get asked frequently why people cannot support certain charities through Legacy 300, this is an opportunity for supporters who wish to get involved to do so and the charity benefit immediately so to maintain our founding principle of charities always receiving the money first."

The athlete hosts are yet to be announced, as their sporting commitments are yet to be announced, but previous days have been hosted by Philip Hindes, Steven Burke, Dani Rowe, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Alex Gregory, Matt Langridge, Matt Gottrell, Tim Baillie and Ettienne Stott.

Full details of the events can be found via .

Legacy 300

24th September 2018

Legacy 300 News

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