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When £474K clearly isn't enough.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

I have a phobia.

I just cannot pick up the phone and speak to one more organiser of a charity auction.

Since 2013 I have delivered athlete experience days, well, the GB Olympians, venue staff and my excellent events team do, and the remit has always been to use these days to help good causes whilst supporting participating athletes.

On 493 separate auctions, we have seen over 1300 people secure entry to our events and raise £474K for a multitude of good causes, at no stage have charities had to pre-buy places or spend a £1 of their money.

For three plus years, and to be honest, probably a lot longer than that, every day is a battle, a battle to get inspiration to face rejection 95 times out of a 100 approaches to a charity auction event.

Each event has an entry fee, each entry fee covers the cost of delivery. If you think that because charity is involved these costs should be waived, then please note that the people who usually ask this are usually receiving £25K plus in salary. Have a look at Charity Job UK for evidence of that.

It is the participants on these experience days that have raised this £474K for good causes, by firstly buying an entry fee and then making a donation on top. We have never received a £1 of a charity's own money.

So in 2019, we are going direct, bypassing the obstruction and encouraging people to support their own choice of good cause, through making their own direct donation to the good cause of their choosing. This could be your school, could be your sports club, your own charity related cause or community group. We will just ask for confirmation of donation made.

So, with a few cuts and paste of social media, any organisation looking to fundraise can utilise these days. Any corporate seeking the added PR of directly supporting the athletes can encourage staff, clients and customers to get involved and support their charity of the year, at no cost to themselves.

If you think I have thrown my toys out of the pram...you are probably right, but after six years and the continual mental degradation, there seems not much else to do.

Going to be an interesting time.

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