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For corporate charity teams time to think PR as well as CSR

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

It is no secret that the level of corporate giving to charity is currently on a downward trend https://www.cafonline.org/about-us/publications/2018-publications/corporate-giving-by-the-ftse-100 , in 2019 an opportunity presents corporate charity teams to work with sporting celebrities free of charge to enhance these totals.


ts an opportunity that in essence has been around since London 2012, and has been proven to work on 493 separate occasions costing the charity sector £0 whilst giving them £474K in donations; 32 olympic and world medallists are involved in the Legacy 300 project, the Athletes deliver sporting experience meet and greet events, through auctions the participants have paid for the entry fees as well as making £474K in donations.

Auctions multiply the entry fee; in 2018 it was £2.90 raised in donations for every £1 entry fee.

This is the principle.

Enhance your charity partnership

• Through donating a Legacy 300 experience day to your chosen charity, your money for your chosen good cause will be multiplied at auction.

• Give charity £150 in cash they will receive £150.

• Still directly give them £150 tell the charity that it is reserving a rowing place and based on the 2018 average at auction the charity will receive £414.

• Charity receives 100% of the sum received at auction, your original £150 donation then gets paid as an entry fee for the winning bidder.

• For the charity itself from that £414, the relevant departments receive:



(This is important as it means your Corporate account manager get the amount they would have originally received. )

Risk free to corporate and charity

• If it doesn’t sell at Auction, the charity keeps your £150 donation.

Then there is the additional free of charge PR

This has worked on 493 occasions, and with no risk it enables you as a corporate to create sessions or even days in your name, giving you the added PR advantage of DIRECTLY supporting individual GB Athletes, you can also (free of charge) inspire within your company.

• You can also use our experience days to fundraise internally through colleagues.

• Encouraging them to secure places through you on our Charity days (see www.legacy300.com ) whether for themselves or as gifts for sporting loved ones.

So there you have it…



Be interested in your views.

David Cotton

Legacy 300

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