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How do you defeat the cynics when something is for free?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Only asking for a friend :-)

The offer is that I can work with any corporate to enhance their charity of the year givings, free of charge.

Previous blog illustrated the principle. Direct cash donations to charity continue, but request to the charity that these are reserving unique experiences etc that they would like the charity to leverage at auction. If they fail, the charity keeps the cash, if they succeed at auction, the charity keeps 100% of the auction proceeds and donating the corporate money to pay for the experience etc. In pure business terms, and in my specific project, 493 separate occasions prove this, the original corporate sum is enhanced at auction.

The pitch to the corporate also details that no financial transactions occur between corporate and consultant.

The consultant states that he will receive commission from suppliers of the items selected by the corporate or charity to auction.

The charity does not have to accede to the request of their corporate supporters.

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